You have to see the transformation that takes place here. 


When a girl comes in, hardened and bruised by a lifetime of things you can’t imagine, and she tries on a new dress or a new top, and sees (maybe for the first time ever) how lovely and how special she really is. It’s beautiful. And moving.

And you’ll never ever be the same again.


That’s why we do this. Transformation. We get to watch daily & weekly as young girls come in and open up, receive love, and start to change the cycle in their lives.


It’s all about becoming a family here at Taylor’s Closet. Our heart is to go deeper with the girls. Inspiration happens.. Dreams begin to take place in a girl’s heart.



Awaken is about teaching and nurturing –

not out of books – but out of our lives.


“In Need" can mean all kinds of things. It can mean your parents have thrown you out of the house to live on the streets. It could mean you don’t have parents at all. It could mean addictive behaviors. It often means abuse – emotional, physical & sexual. It could mean foster care or pre-foster care. It could mean you’ve lost your home & family to tragedy in another country. It could mean you just don’t have anywhere else to turn.

To us the words “in need” mean something a little different. To us those words are a call to reach into these girls’ lives and extend – in a genuine way – a hand to demonstrate unconditional love.

We started doing something that had been in our hearts since Taylor’s Closet was first born. We asked a handful of girls if they would like to “do family” with us. For a period of time, we would commit ourselves to teaching and nurturing – not out of books – but out of our lives.

We teach, we learn. We get to see deeper into their lives as they see deeper into ours. We get to call out the hidden dreams in each of them. And then we move to activate them. That’s why we call it Awaken.

  • Art Classes
  • Life Skills Training

TC Bloom is a student led after school program that takes place at a local high school. We train and encourage student leaders to maximize their potential and lead their peers. 


In keeping with the overarching mission of Taylor's Closet, Bloom's Mission is to create a community in which girls in need will be empowered to live happy, healthy, and productive lives, realizing their God given destiny, right there in the hallways of their high school campus.



We create a student led weekly club and after school program at a high school.  

We train and encourage student leaders to maximize their potential and lead their peers.  Areas of development are focused on organization, teaching, planning, speaking, fundraising and connecting with their peers.    

We engage the girls who attend the club in a healthy dialogue about important issues that affect each of their lives.

We conduct weekly workshops focused on design and art to help girls unlock their creative talents.

We create a safe place for students to share some of the struggles they are experiencing.  

Our mobile store is available for selected girls to shop for new accessories and clothing all for free.

When we started Taylor’s Closet we asked one simple question, can beautiful clothes change the way a hurting girl feels about herself? The answer was, and still is, yes. 


And now we’ve taken that same experience mobile.


Our mobile store will be located on site of the High school, and be accessible as a reward to those who attend TC Bloom regularly. We will invite girls to make appointments on the Bloom Bus, giving them a curated boutique shopping experience. We hope to see 60-80 girls per month visit the Bloom Bus.

Whether it’s driving up to a local high school or driving down a main street, the message of Taylor’s Closet is ON THE MOVE!



Our desire to bring love and hope to girls in need goes beyond the borders of South Florida. Through our partnership with international organizations we are able to provide both clothing and mentorship to those on the ground working with these girls across the globe.