“The goal is for one hardened and hurt girl to walk in, and begin to feel like, just maybe, she might be worth more.”



It’s all about the details for us.. Our mission at TC is to provide a place for girls to feel beautiful – this is why we are so concerned about the details.


In 2009, we were given the space we now call home. We met with the pastor of a local church, who was interested in giving away a space on their property.

We began designing a space that could make anyone feel safe, open, inspired, and ultimately at home. 2 years later, we relocated our headquarters to this incredible 4,200 square foot gift.

When a girl walks into our store, our hope is that she feels peace, she feels safety, and she feels inspired. Our hope is that at the end of the day, she’s opened up and realized she’s worth it.

That’s why we chose to hang a chandelier in the bathroom, and place a blue velvet tufted couch in our living room. That’s why we spent months trying to find just the right rug to go with old wooden cash wrap. That’s why we decided to pair our favorite floral wallpaper, with a tiny chevron settee.  That’s even why we upholstered a wall with sunny yellow fabric and painted subtle blue stripes on our concrete floors.

The list goes on.

It all may seem very menial to you.

To us, however, these tiny details all add up to one goal.

The goal that when a hardened and hurt girl walks in, she begins to feel like, just maybe, she might be worth more.

Ultimately, that’s why we are here.