The heart of what we do


It’s at the core of what goes on here. 


You have to see the transformation that takes place here – when a girl comes in, hardened and bruised by a lifetime of things you can’t imagine, and she tries on a new dress or a new top, and sees (maybe for the first time ever) how lovely and how special she really is. It’s beautiful. And moving. And you’ll never ever be the same again.

That’s why we do this. Transformation. We get to watch daily & weekly as young girls come in and open up, receive love, and start to change the cycle in their lives. All through clothing.

Our goal – the whole reason Taylor’s Closet exists – is to see that change and growth in the lives of girls in need everywhere. Here in South Florida that means about 32,000 girls.


Reveal is about building deeper relationships, and allowing the girls to open up their hearts a little more.


It’s all about becoming a family here at Taylor’s Closet. Our heart is to go deeper with the girls. Through our Reveal Program, each girl is placed with her own personal stylist that shops with her each month at an extended appointment. This allows relationships to start to form. A deep bond is created between the stylist and the girl as they spend time getting to know each other in a deeper way. In addition to shopping, we also introduce an art project for each girl to participate in. We believe that every girl has a creative side and by allowing the girls to participate in a small art project, they get to learn a little more about their passions.

Inspiration happens.. Dreams begin to take place in a girl’s heart.

The girls are allowed to come to Taylor’s Closet once a month. Every appointment, girls will leave with 3 items of clothing, for free. On an average, what they leave with is worth $150.