It’s never easy to say goodbye to the girls, so we decided not to...


After the girls complete the Awaken program, they move into our Blossom Program. The girls have now been with us for at least 9 months or longer. Taylor’s Closet has become a safe place where they feel very much at home. Blossom is about accountability, friendships and learning to heal in a deeper way.

We meet monthly and continue to do the same things we’ve done in our other programs only in a much deeper way. We spend time eating together, talking, and dreaming of what is ahead for the girls lives. It’s about taking that next step… One of the sweetest parts of Blossom is watching strong friendships that develop among the girls and hearing the amazing dreams God has put in their hearts. They are now free to dream about their future.

We believe each of these girls are being prepared for the world much like we all were as young daughters.