In keeping with the overarching mission of Taylor's Closet, TC Bloom acts as an after school program whose mission is to create a community in which girls in need will be empowered to live happy, healthy, and productive lives, realizing their God given destiny, right there in the hallways of their high school campus.





We create a student led weekly gathering and after school program at a high school.  

We train and encourage student leaders to maximize their potential and lead their peers.  Areas of development are focused on organization, teaching, planning, speaking, fundraising and connecting with their peers.    

We engage the girls who attend the club in a healthy dialogue about important issues that affect each of their lives.

We conduct weekly workshops focused on design and art to help girls unlock their creative talents.

We create a safe place for students to share some of the struggles they are experiencing.  

Our mobile store is available for selected girls to shop for new accessories and clothing all for free.


We are taking Taylor's Closet mobile  . . .


Our mobile store will be located on site of the High school, and be accessible as a reward to those who attend TC Bloom regularly. We will invite girls to make appointments on the Bloom Bus, giving them a curated boutique shopping experience. We hope to see 60-80 girls per month visit the Bloom Bus.